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Do you need to develop your emotional intelligence?

Five symptoms that prove it.

Emotions have a more important role for your success than you might think. They are pretty much responsible for you to face the challenges, for you to chart the way to important goals and to maintain the motivation to achieve them. Emotions can make you think that you are further away than you could be, for example.

Emotions, above all, can alter the way you make decisions.

Therefore, having the right emotional intelligence is very necessary to undertake any project in your life, and especially when making great changes in habits or routines, like for example, physical training for any athlete.

The good news is that emotional intelligence is cultivated and developed. The bad thing is that we all need to develop it one way or another, and most of us don’t realize it.

Take note of these emotional symptoms and find out if you have to work a little more on your emotional intelligence.

  1. You get stressed easily.

Stress can happen because you don’t have the tools to manage your emotions in certain situations, or to manage the situation itself. Emotional intelligence helps you prepare for situations that could stress you and, at the same time, to solve them more efficiently.

The dangers of stress are more than the fact that you don’t know how to manage the situation or lose sight of your goal. A constant stress can lead to anxiety and depression, which worsen your quality of life.

  1. An excess of negative emotions.

You don’t know how to forgive or forget and you are always waiting for something terrible to happen or expecting the worst of each situation or each person. Sometimes, just remembering a bad moment in the past puts you in a bad mood for the whole day, as if it had just happened. This excess of negative emotions can originate in the times of stress that you didn’t manage and that left a deep impression on your mind. This is one of the most damaging symptoms of low emotional intelligence and that can most affect several areas of your life. Learning to let things go, to advance and evolve is necessary to undertake any project or, what is the same, to write a new chapter of your life.

  1. You are not assertive

Assertiveness is the ability to respect others, their decisions and their priorities, while maintaining a high respect for yourself and your decisions and priorities. Emotional intelligence helps to have a good, cordial, friendly and empathetic relationship with other people even if you are upset or have had a bad day, but without giving up on your own feelings or plans to satisfy others.

  1. Your opinions are more important than the facts.

A serious mistake that the vast majority of people often commit is to assume something that fits with their opinion and not to accept or even resist any comment or idea that may mean the opposite. But good development of emotional intelligence helps us to open the limits of our mind, to differentiate between opinions created by our emotions and the ones based on the information, whether we like it or not.

  1. Many times you don’t know how to identify your feelings.

In fact, this is very likely to happen to you, because only a third of the population have the ability to understand and express their feelings. Knowing how you feel and why you feel that way is also an advantage when it comes to mastering your reaction or your decisions with those emotions.

If you have one of these signs, it means that you still have a lot of work to do on yourself before you start with your business.

But at the OneLife Magazine IMA, we will provide solutions for the development of your emotional intelligence, as well as for the development of your leadership and other necessary skills to become the professional you want to be. In this blog, we will bring tips and reflections on your personal and professional development, and in the magazine, you will find tools for networking, time management, book reviews, advice offered by experienced leaders, interviews, promotions, gifts and much more!


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