Starting engines…

OneLife Magazine IMA is about to be launched.

We have been developing this project for months, and we are getting closer to see its launch, finally. The publishing of our first digital issue is not the end of our journey, but only the beginning of one we want to walk and share by your side, every month.

As members of the Community, we have a very clear mission: to empower your business and your leadership and to unite and reinforce the Community with something as simple and true as real stories that are created and developed every day among our peers.

And to accomplish that mission, we will count on three tools related to each other. One will be printed numbers of our Magazine, special editions focused on particular topics, where you and your team can be the main players. Another and the most important tool for us will be the digital edition, a magazine specially created for IMAs where we will deal with topics of common interest, with tools for personal development, leadership, work management, tips and tricks and even downloadable material that you would be able to use in your everyday work. And the third tool will be this very OneLife magazine IMA blog, where you’re reading this post right now!

On this page, you will also find tools and utilities, starting with this blog, where we will publish content of your interest, which you will be able to read for free, completely or partially.

On this website, over the next few days, we will also be reporting on our progress until the launch of our first exclusively digital edition and will share with you the surprises that we are still preparing for our subscribers. So, just “like” our Facebook page, save the website in your favourites and keep an eye on the updates in the coming days, because we are already making the final preparations.

And if you want to subscribe now, you can do it here: you will have the possibility to read the digital version of our Limited International Edition (the printed issue that came out at the beginning of May) and will automatically see the next number of the online magazine in your account as soon as it is ready and published.

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