We wish many more years of life and many achievements for Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who definitively has already left a footprint

There is a community of more than 3 million people who have changed their lives and are changing the lives of many more, thanks to an idea of ​​a woman. Yes, maybe that little word of 4 letters doesn’t generate a huge impact, but ideas are what really create the world we live in. This time, an idea of ​​a visionary woman made the financial world turn over completely, and today, on this special day, it is a pleasure to send a warm greeting for Dr. Ruja Ignatova on her birthday and make a special publication about this powerful and intelligent woman, who for many years of her life has been leaving a legacy.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova has left a mark on the world with her determination, being a successful woman, since long before her project was born, she was already occupying high positions that highlighted the skills and abilities in her profession. She also studied a professional degree in law at the University of Oxford and a master’s degree in law and economics at the University of Konstanz. With considerable experience in the world of finance, great achievements and recognition, in 2014, Dr. Ruja presents to the world her idea of ​​a new means of payment that would revolutionize the global economy. There are many things that we can highlight from her resume, but what we will talk about today is about of her vision and the impact it has generated on the people who have followed it.

As the founder and creator of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova has had to face great challenges, since it is an industry mainly dominated by the male gender, and not only talking about the world of finance, but also the world of technology. She created this digital currency focused on the concept of transparency, reliability and accessibility for all. In this way, she has sustained this vision during all these years with a lot of success, but also against strong attacks.

Dr. Ruja’s objective is that OneCoin could be a currency accepted by everybody, for the exchange of services and products, which would facilitate the transnational needs of people, with the technology that would generate benefits for its users.

This currency has been the subject of strong criticism that has really wreaked havoc on its company. However, it is still the currency with the greatest usability in the world and producing a decisive revolution in the world of finance. It’s about the concepts that Dr. Ruja has made a reality, creating an ecosystem of companies that strengthen the value of the currency, creating a value not only by speculation.

On the other hand, this woman was the first to put her name and image behind her company and her cryptocurrency, proud of her creation, leaving behind the anonymity that others once used to draw on. This is something to be admired, being aware of the pressure that it would represent and that she has had to experience in the end. It is important to note that she doesn’t take her credit, but always chose to talk about her team and the entire community that has more than 3 million 400 thousand people up to date who are active, who believe in the currency and financial education as fundamental tools for a promising future.

However, it is not only her determination in the business world that should be highlighted of this great entrepreneur. Her impetus to create social change is significant, not only because within her project, it supposes financial accessibility for everybody, but also for the budgets directed towards the creation of a foundation that has already helped approximately 5000 children in the world. The OneWorld Foundation is another creation of Dr. Ruja and is one of the pillars of his work.

It is an honour for all of us to pay homage to this great woman, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who, as she has said, works together with her gigantic team. And this not only gives you the opportunity to generate income so as to live comfortably according to the commitment you present, but also to take part in the creation of important changes for the world, the contribution in a new global financial system. Be part of a revolution that new generations will study in history books tomorrow. Thank you for all you have achieved and made possible for us. Happy birthday and many more years enjoying together with your loved ones.

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